New ASIC Fees from 1 July 2018

From 1 July 2018, some ASIC fees will increase. For most companies the annual review fee will increase from $254 to $263, late payment penalties will also increase.

For a full list of all the ASIC fee changes on the most common lodgements  click here.

If you are a company directors – we remind office holders of their obligations that you need to let us (or ASIC) know if there are any changes to your:

1. Registered Office Address (If you are not using Butlers Accountants as your registered office)

2. Contact Address

3. Principal Place of Business: and

4. Office holders residential address/members addresses.

 At Butlers Accountants, Talisa Donnelly is our dedicated ASIC Compliance officer. You can email your Company Secretarial queries directly to Talisa at or by phoning the office on 07 5536 2288.